Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rudra Antivirus-The New Age Protector

A new Antivrus program has launched and it is named as Rudra -Think securtiy, Think Rudra.

I found this information on the site and i can't beleive this that it doesn't need regular database signature and periodic updates . Its a good news and great solution to the users that who doesn't have internet to PC.

further more infomation about the Antivirus from the site is given below.

Rudra offers protection against all forms of malicious internet attacks - viruses, spyware, crimeware, Worms, Trojans, spam, keyloggers and hackers.It is having one of the most innovative technology in detecting malicious code in an 'Unknown State'.
Rudra technology is unique while compared to others .why because it does't use any signature database and requires no periodic updates.It offers protection against future, new variants providing a total and complete protection from malware.

How does Rudra Protect?
To make your system invulnerable, Rudra does not restrict itself to recognizing known viruses (like signature and heuristic technology). It simply focuses on making sure that the malware cannot run on your system in order to cause any damage by:
  • Enhancing system security and integrity by preventing execution of known and unknown malware
  • Shielding the RAM memory of the PC
  • Rudra differentiates between legitimate applications and malware. It is designed to capture the malware as soon as it enters the PC before it can install
  • Rudra does not wait till it starts executing. It simply secures the malware either by immediately deleting it, or cordoning it off to a ‘safe’ area on the PC’s hard disk
Features of Rudra

  • Rudra protects your system from past, present and future viruses and other malicious software
  • Rudra's propriety technology ensures that no virus remains undetected long enough to start running
  • Rudra differentiates between legitimate executables and malware
  • Rudra blocks spyware and worms automatically
  • Rudra keeps track of the files created by various processes and deletes them when created by an un-trusted program
  • Rudra monitors all automatic online updates and only files created by authorized processes are considered legitimate
  • Rudra monitors new files creation, changes in system configuration, system control files and in critical application program files for potential threats
  • Enforces the Windows kernel to forward all requests for execution to Rudra for validation. Thereby preventing unauthorized programs from executing
  • Rudra kills the Malicious Process in the RAM of the PC and deletes the ‘infected’ file or infection from the hard disk automatically
  • Rudra protects its own database folders
  • Rudra combats viruses that are capable of self-encryption and polymorphism
What makes Rudra unique?

Today, the most common sources of virus infection are emails, shared disks in computer networks and websites with potentially dangerous content. So your system is perennially under attack. At any given moment, there are numerous “unknown viruses” prowling the Internet. In
fact, your next click could be fatal to your system. Rudra unique technology is neither signature based nor heuristic. Instead it simply focuses on making your system “malware unfriendly” and constantly protects your core content from intruders. Malware is the short name for “Malicious
software” which is usually designed to damage or disturb a system. These include – Viruses, Worms, Wabbits, Trojans, Backdoors, Spyware, Exploits, Rootkits, Key loggers, Dialers and URL injections.

Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP

But currently evaluation copy of the product is not available


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