Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How to find hidden files(command method) in command prompt

Basically we use hidden option or command to hide the data in the folder or any thing it maybe . Some body use the command to hide the folders

To Hide

attrib +h +s folder name (or) filename

If u use the command method u need to remember the name of the folder or filename and also the path of the directory .

If u want to see the folder we use the command

To UnHide

attrib -h -s filename or folder name

The problem in this method is if u forgot the name of the folder which is hidden how to recover the name is the problem with out name we can't access file to see .For these purpose use the given tip to recover the filename or foldername .Using these we can see the files which is hidden using both mehod either by using folder option or command method.

Simple and useful tip

Type this in command prompt

dir /ah

If the list is too long u can use

dir /ah/p/w



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