Saturday, February 14, 2009

Differences Between Windows Vista and Windows 7

1. Updated and Improved UAC - One of the biggest problems Windows Vista had with the much-beleagered operating system was its "improved" UAC, which ended up pestering users every time they wanted to install a program or change settings, as the screen would temporarily go black before displaying a message confirming the user's preference. Windows 7 will have options to simply display such a message without requiring its users' participation, or only display a message when a setting is being changed. These options should help allay concerns of an overprotective operating system, while still providing superior protection against malicious coders.

2. Better integration with peripherals - More drivers will be supported, and Microsoft has upgraded the display that pops up when a device is connected. Whereas Vista and XP showed an autorun, Windows 7 will give more options that are built specifically around the device; a connected camera, for example, may offer a link to its manufacturer's website to check for more software.

3. Faster performance - Microsoft promises that Windows 7 will launch fewer services at start-up, and that those services will run in parallel, making for a faster boot-up sequence and a generally more compact and efficient operating system. Additional performance boosts should make crashes less frequent than in Vista, although it won't be possible to gauge the success of these improvements until Windows 7 is finally released.

4. Revised Taskbar - Windows 7 finally revises the task bar, the little icons in the bottom right hand corner of the XP/Vista screen that show you running programs and their attached annoying notifications. You can finally choose which icons you want to display, disabling unnecessary icons and putting an end to the notifications that tend to pop up at the most aggravating times possible. Instead of a little arrow that expands this section when too many icons are fighting for your attention, a little list of open programs pops up when you mouse over the area, showing you their icons and allowing you to deal with them.


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