Saturday, May 2, 2009

Run Skype for free in Airtel Live

Hi guys again i came with new tip which is very helpfull to skype users and also for free internet users in airtel through airtel live.


1.Gprs enabled Mobile with Airtel live activated sim .

2. Data Cable or Bluetooth to connect to PC

2.Skype (download)


1. Connect to Airtel Live using Pc suite in windows Xp by editing Access Point to " " (for in detail settings go trough How to connect to Airtel live ).

2.Install and Run skype complete all the screen names and passwords Procedure. After completing that it will try to sign up with out proper settings to connect to internet , but don't worry simply cancel it.

3.Go to the Tools and select options in that now click on connections finally edit the settings by selecting Https and editing Host & port to " & 8080 " as shown in the screen shots.

4. Now restart ( quit it from task bar by right click on it ) the applications to apply the changes to skype.

5. Now again it will ask you to signup , if u have already account simply cancel the signup procedure and type name and password to login other wise simply fill the signup procedure to create account.

6.Finally it will connect to skype servers and u will have skype running on your desktop for free through airtel live.

NOTE: Using Skype we can connect to internet for free , i will show you how to do it in next post and don't forget to subcrice our feeds for latest updates of tips and tricks

Thank u for your patience in reading my post and i hope that it will work for you.

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Run Java based mobile applications (Ucweb,games etc ) in PC

Now a days we are using free internet in airtel through Ucweb. we can browse net through Ucweb in mobile only , but now we have a software called kemulator which have the ability to run java based mobile applications ( Games , broswers etc )in PC .

Here i will show u how to browse airtel free internet through Ucweb in PC with good resolution i.e big screen.


1.UCWEB ( Download )

2.K-Emulator Lite (Download)

3.Jre/JDk ( Download )

Step :1 Screen Resolution

Run K-Emulator and go to " View " select " Option "
will have the screen like this.

Edit the screen width and height according to your screen resolution and press " OK ".
Restart the application to apply changes that you made.

Step 2: Network Settings

From the same screen u will find a option with symbol " >>2 " select " Network " under that.

Their select proxy type HTTP and edit the Host and port as " " and " 8080 ".

Step 3:

Now Load the ucweb jar file in to this by browsing with load jar option .

Finally after loading of jar file , it will check for network settings and finishes the checking and settings. Now the we have UCWEB on Pc and browse through it .

Use the same procedure to load Games and another java based mobile application in PC. This software runs all mobile applications in PC.

This is an screen shot of mobile game running on PC .

NOTE: For games no need to set network settings

Thank you for your patience and spending your valuable time in reading my post.

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